Entrance Hall

The representative main entrance area of ​​the chateau Nové Hrady (foyer) is accessible via the wide stone staircase in the front of the castle (or wheelchair accessible with the use of a lift at the side entrance). Right at the entrance you will notice 3 large glass double doors, a chandelier, white tiled stoves and a red tread on a wooden frieze floor. This hall – foyer has a very flexible use – can serve as a reception for registration of participants, as a smaller exhibition hall, or as a hall for presentation of companies or their products. This space is also suitable for smaller banquets, refreshments and coffee breaks – with access to all main halls and the possibility for relaxation outdoors (on a bench or stairs).

The dimensions of this hall are 9.06 x 8.7 m and it is possible to arrange tables and chairs with the provision of conference equipment according to the client’s requirements – however, it is not possible to completely darken the windows / doors.

Blue Hall

Circular salon, whose inner cover is in the form of a tent. This idea, embedded with ancient, oriental and military associations, was often used in Empire bedrooms or boudoirs across Europe. It has always been associated with “French fashion” and therefore we cannot be surprised that this extravagance in the Czech Republic occurs on the estate of the (originally French) Buquoy family.

Newly renovated (2016-2018), at almost 8 meters high, the hall runs across two floors of the building, has excellent acoustics, air conditioning, portable projector connectivity, a projection screen and plenty of drawers to ensure comfort during seminars, conferences and other events.

The blue-white striped fabric wallpaper, which lines the walls of the lounge – is reminiscent of a war tent. In the hall there are 3 large windows with access to the balustrade, with a two-armed stone staircase leading to the castle park. The hall passes through to the Mirror and Entrance Halls.

The diameter of the hall is almost 10 m, and the windows can be darkened. The maximum capacity of the hall is 60 people, but only when using the theater arrangement. Otherwise, the capacity is only 40 people.

Theatre Hall

The Empire-style castle theater played an important social function during the manor’s stay in Nové Hrady. According to literature, the theater was established in 1822, rebuilt between 1849 -1855, and enlarged and equipped with new decorations during this time. After the end of the Second World War the castle was plundered and later modified. The theater was painted gray and most of the equipment was destroyed and lost.

From 2016-2018, the chateau underwent extensive reconstruction of the halls, and in 2017, the chateau theater was restored and reconstructed, including the restoration of its original function. This exceptionally successful restoration was even nominated for the Prize of the National Heritage Institute – Patrimonium for future.

The rectangular theater hall with stage and balcony is lit by five tall windows (which can be darkened). The hall has unique acoustics, modern air-conditioning, top-end sound and lighting, data projector and electric retractable projection screen with dimensions of 6 x 4 m. The capacity of the hall is 100 people.

Mirror Hall

Large, bright hall with entrance from both the Blue Salon and Entrance Hall. In the Mirror Hall there are two doors leading to smaller halls mainly used for relaxation – the Billiard Hall and the Hunting Lounge with Bar.

The hall is dominated by large mirrors on the walls, a decorated ceiling with two chandeliers, a restored white tiled stove, and a fireplace. The dimensions of the hall are 8.5 x 11.3 m. The maximum capacity is 80 people. Another advantage of this hall is the air-conditioning, sound system, possibility to connect a data projector, installation of a portable tripod screen, flipchart and plenty of electrical sockets. There are 3 large windows overlooking the castle park, which provide plenty of natural light – but they can also be darkened for better visibility during projection.


Smaller meeting room with passage from the entrance hall. Especially suitable for small seminars, meetings or a quiet place to prepare for lectures. Maximum capacity is 20 people. In this room it is also possible to use a portable screen, projector, flipchart and other techniques. Two large windows provide plenty of natural light but can be darkened.


It is connected to the large Hall of Mirrors, making it a popular venue for larger events. The hunting lounge consists of a lounge and bar, and a rectangular larea with ornate ceiling and chandelier. Capacity is 40 seats. It is an ideal place to prepare a coffee break or a small snack during lectures and seminars. It will also provide a comfortable rest after the official event.
The bar is equipped with plenty of refrigerators, a small freezer, a microwave, a hand-held cylinder for washing glasses, a modern dishwasher, a tapping machine, a coffee machine, a bar, two higher bar tables, a comfortable sofa and TV.

This room is decorated with a wooden coffered ceiling, a replica of a period chandelier and hunting trophies and fur from wild animals adorning the walls. The atmosphere is enhanced by piano and historical pictures of Nové Hrady. It is also possible to arrange tables and chairs, a projector, a tripod screen and other equipment if necessary.


Smaller cozy room with entrance from the Hall of Mirrors, or hallway in the accommodation part of the castle. The dominant feature is a large billiard table, which can be used for coffee breaks or other smaller refreshments when covering the board. The table can be removed from the room on request, creating space suitable for smaller meetings for up to 20 participants. This smaller lounge has its own toilet. The possibilities of the conference equipment are the same as in other halls – tripod projection screen, portable data projector, flipchart, whiteboard etc.